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Facts about cheetah speed | Facts about Bees (Queen) | Facts about Love at first side | Facts about the EDGE of the world | Facts about OXYGEN | Facts about counting | Facts about "MOON" on a flag | English alphabet | Facts about Human vs Shark | Facts about Walmart.

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Top 10 amazing facts: Do you know that number 7 is something that you can consider as your luckiest thing? There are seven days in a week Why are there only seven? Nobody knows this. In marriage, the bride and groom take seven rounds and not only that, but they also promise to stay together for seven births along with seven vows. Not only that there are only seven colours in the rainbow that comes out in the sky. If you keep Believe in Spiritual things then you will know that there are seven chakras in our body And if you are interested in music, you will also know that there are only seven musical notes “SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DHA, NE”. There only seven ocean in the world, for example, anyone says that I will cross seven oceans and go to America Must have heard it. But have you ever heard that there is 7 continent in this world It’s a fact in itself? You must have also heard that there are seven wonders in this world. Not only India is the largest 7th country according to the area and it is also believed that there are seven people in this world who look like you. Even 7 is the biggest prime number between one to nine And although seven is also a number that divides only by itself and by one.

1. Facts about cheetah speed

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You must have seen a cheetah running at some time, but you would never have thought that when a cheetah is running, it is 80% in the air and only 20% touches the ground. This shows how fast the cheetah runs. This means that cheetah runs faster than every animal. It’s like flying WOW

2. Facts about Bees (Queen)

A group of 20,000 bees kept following a car because the queen of that group was trapped in that car and they held that car for 20 days and then after 20 days it was revealed that now their queen is safe. This means that the world of bees may also have a queen.

3. Facts about Love at first side

The requirement of love at first side is 8.2 seconds of uninterrupted eye contact between a girl and a boy.

4. Facts about the EDGE of the world

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In childhood, I used to think that maybe our earth is flat and if I reach the shore, I will see down there, but as time passed and I grew up, I came to know that the earth is round but there is one place in the world which is considered to be the last edge of the world and that place is called Sussex in England and this place is also known as Earth Ends. The view here is as if it is really the edge of the earth “WOW”

5. Facts about OXYGEN

You know that if the oxygen is erased from our earth for 5 seconds, all the buildings in the world will be turned into ashes and if oxygen is wiped out for 3 minutes, then the population of 7 crores in the world will be zero, that means oxygen is very important to alive that’s why we say that trees should not be cut.

6. Facts about counting

No human being can count up to 1 billion, if he does, it will take 32 years continuously to count to one billion.

7. Facts about “MOON” on a flag

Facts about "MOON" on a flag
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The flag of the moon has its color white due to the sun’s radiation. the sun does not leave anyone with its radiation.

8. English alphabet

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” This is an English sentence in which all English alphabets will be found. WOW

9. Facts about Human vs Shark

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Every year a shark dies 6 humans, but every hour, humans kill 11408 sharks.

10. Facts about Walmart

When Wallmart was open, its first-year earnings were 975000 but now wallmart makes the same amount of money every minute

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