Top 10 Amazing Facts: Very interesting facts of the country & the world, which you will be surprised to read

Vodafone = Full-Form | Facts About Tiger | Facts About Maggi | Facts About Human Muscles | Facts About BEE | Facts About TV | Facts About ROLEX | Facts About Timeline | Facts About Electron | Astronaut.

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Top 10 Amazing Facts: Today I’m telling 10 most amazing facts. You never know about these facts and also you shocked after reading all the amazing facts. Please read this article to know all the facts. How do you feel all these facts, please comment below.

1. Vodafone = Full Form

You know about Vodafone but you never know about Vodafone full form. And its full form is VOICE DATA PHONE.

2. Facts About Tiger

Image Source Buzzfeed

Everyone knows about TIGER and his scary and beautiful strip hair but you know if TIGER hair will trim then skin also stripy as well.

3. Facts About Maggi

You know about MAGGI, but you don’t know, in one day 120 million MAGGI packet sells. when you read this fact at that time 2000 packets of MAGGI were selling.

4. Facts About Human Muscles

When we talk then our little mouth will be processing by the interaction of 72 muscles. 72 musules working together then we talk properly.

5. Facts About BEE

Image Source Newshub

BEE waving his wing 160 times in 1 second.

6. Facts About TV

When you watching TV then also setup off volume low or high then the volume is on ODD no. as (11,13,17) then you suddenly turn the volume on EVEN no. as (12,14,16).it’s wore but 80% of people were doing this.

7. Facts About ROLEX

You know about ROLEX and you wish to wear a ROLEX watch on your wrist, but you don’t know the minimum profit of ROLEX is donate in charity and founder of ROLEX was an ORPHAN.

8. Facts About Timeline

2520 is the only no. which is divided by 1 to 10 and there is no remainder. IT’S smallest in a timeline to do that.

9. Facts About Electron

Image Source Forbes

Electron is the most stable particle in the universe then all three Electron, Proton, Neutron. 1 electron is lived in 60,000 yotta year.

10. Astronaut

The Term “Astronaut” comes from Greek words that mean “STAR” and “SAILOR.”

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