Top 10 Amazing Facts About Virat Kohli: Do u know? That Virat Kohli did not complete his studies!

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Top 10 Facts About Virat Kohli: Welcome to all of you on your Aam Aadmi Site. Today I’m telling you facts about Virat Kohli. Today I’m telling you about Virat Kohli debut series/ why Virat Kohli not completing his school/About Virat Kohli highest score in ODI cricket.

1. How Virat Kohli get the opportunity to get his ODI debut?

Virat Kohli gets the opportunity to made debut in 2008 against Sri Lank. When he selected surprisingly, for Sri Lank tour in 2008. It was surprising because Virat Kohli was played only 8 List-A matches. Virendra Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar were injured on Sri Lank tour then Virat Kohli made 54 runs in the 4th match of the series and gets his first half-century.

2. Why Virat Kohli does not complete his school?

Virat Kohli only studies till 11th class. Virat Kohli does not complete his school because at that time he was in India under-19 team. In 2008 ICC under-19 world cup winner was India. In ICC world cup under-19 Virat Kohli was the India under-19 team captain.

3. Do you know Virat Kohli was superstitious?

In an interview, Virat Kohli reviles about he believes in superstitious. When he comes to the batting he wears a black band on the left hand and he never changes his batting gloves. After 2015 Virat Kohli not believing in superstitious things.

4. Virat Kohli in 2011 world cup champion

In 2011 ICC World Cup Virat Kohli was in playing in all victorious matches. India’s first world cup match against Bangladesh and Virat Kohli played a century knock on his world cup debut match. Virat Kohli was the only Indian player who hits a century on his world cup debut match.

5. Virat Kohli’s ODI highest score is (183)

All you know that Virat Kohli’s highest score is (183), against Pakistan and Virat Kohli made (183) runs in the Aisa cup. But you know Virat’s (183) is only the highest score against Pakistan. Before this highest score was (156) runs against Pakistan, which was made by West Indies batsman Brian Lara.

6. Do you Virat Kohli not drinking normal mineral water?

As we all know Virat Kohli is very conscious about his fitness. You don’t know that Virat Kohli was how much attention to his diet. Virat Kohli knows exercise is important but he knows that diet is important for fit players. Virat diet is highly monitored that’s why Virat Kohli not drinking normal mineral water. He drinks only EVIAN natural spring water which imported from France.

7. The story behind Virat’s nickname?

As we know all the Indian players call Virat’s nickname on the field, Virat nickname is CHIKU. Delhi’s former coach Ajit Choudhary gives Virat nickname by looks his hair cut.

8. Do you know after these great batsmen Virat complete 1000 plus runs in the calendar year?

After Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli was the 4th Indian batsman who scores 1000 plus runs in ODI cricket in a calendar year.

9. Do you know Virat Kohli was in a relationship with Tamanna Bhatia?

Virat Kohli and Tamanna Bhatia were met at the advertising shoot. But their relationship was not longer. For some reason, both ended relationships.

10. Do you know about Virat Kohli Jersey no.18 is why so special?

18 no. is very rememberable for Virat Kohli. On December 18, 2006, Virat’s father died then Virat Kohli was only 18 years old. This incident was life-changing for Virat Kohli because of that Virat Kohli not changing his jersey number.

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