Top 10 Amazing Facts 2019: Avatar movie highest-grossing film, Steve Jobs gifted a Jaguar ?

Top 10 Amazing Facts 2019 | Facts About Avatar movie | Facts About Canada lakes | Facts About ATM Machine | Facts About "Russian Man" | Facts About Australian Highway 1 | Facts About Steve Jobs | Facts: Looks and Beauty | Facts About Dogs | Empire State Building | Amazing Facts "15cm Skeleton" | Amazing Facts 2019 | Top 10 Facts .

Top 10 Amazing Facts 2019 | Facts About Avatar movie | Facts About Canada lakes | Facts About ATM Machine | Facts About

Amazing Facts 2019: That’s Right, you didn’t misread, here we have a top 10 facts about everything around our city, country, and universe randomly which you couldn’t bethink. Here at the facts platform, we will give every single fact to our readers. So let’s start

1. Facts About Avatar movie

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In Our World, “Avatar” is the highest-grossing film in the world till now and the film grossed 2.7 million dollars that’s means this film had earned 16,400 crore rupees. Just as you hear that some other movie has earned 100 crores, 500 crores, similarly Avatar movie had earned 16.8 crores rupees and it is a fact in itself.

2. Facts About Canada lakes

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50% of all the lakes in this world are only and only in Canada which means even if we merge the Lake of the whole world, we cannot be equal to the lake of Canadas.

3. Facts About ATM Machine

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John shepherd Barron invented the ATM machine, When he built the ATM, he made a system of 6 digits PIN. The one who was his wife could not remember the 6 digit PIN, She was able to remember only the PIN of 4 digits, so today we pin her 4 digits.

4. Facts About “Russian Man”

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Mostly 25% of men in Russia are such that they die before the age of 55 due to alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is so common in Russia.

5. Facts About Australian Highway 1

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This world’s longest highway is Highway 1, which is 16,500 km in length and it is in Australia.

6. Facts About Steve Jobs

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Once Steve Jobs gifted a Jaguar car to one of his employees, because of  Employee said his car stopped when he came to office.

7. Facts: Looks and Beauty

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According to the records, it has been found that you look 20% more attractive to people than you see yourself in the mirror.

8. Facts About Dogs

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There is a fact inside dogs that meets humans and that is sadness.

9. Empire State Building

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Empire State Building: One woman went to suicide from the 86 floor of the building, but as soon as she was falling, a wind came and took that woman to the 85 floors. It’s a fact in itself.

10. Amazing Facts “15cm Skeleton”

In the year 2013, a 15 cm skeleton was found and when it was researched, it was found that there were human properties inside it. And he was a human being, it is one of the big facts of this world.



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