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Amazing Facts About India: Friends! welcome back to the site once again! We have told you about many countries and places so far. But today we will tell you many important things related to India. Which you should never have read before today. To know these important facts related to India, read our article till the end.

As a citizen of India, it is your duty to know this interesting fact related to India. By the way, everything related to India is special or interesting. Whether it is about the history of India or the culture of India. So let’s know some surprising things about India. Which you will be proud of India after reading, surprised to hear some.

1. Facts About India Democracy

India could be a country with the world’s largest democracy, the world’s largest written constitution and therefore the world’s second-largest population.

2. Facts About India History

India is the oldest and advanced civilization in the world. Which is a matter of great pride for us?

3. Facts About India of Truth

One truth is that many people have attacked India by invading India, but let us tell you that India has never attacked any country before in its ten thousand histories. Whereas India was the largest importing country of arms.

4. Facts About Indian Railways

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Indian railways area unit the biggest railway network in Asia. you may be stunned to understand that the amount of staff used in Indian Railways is over the entire population of the many countries. Listening will look a touch awkward however this can be true. There area unit over 16 lakh staff used in Indian Railways, that is over the population of the many countries like the Asian nation, Iceland, urban center.

5. Facts About Women of India

In terms of shopping for gold, Bharat is at the forefront of the planet.nQuake gold is taken into account to be the foremost necessary a part of India’s culture. Let us tell you that 11 percent of the world’s gold is with the women of India, as jewelry

6. Facts About Post Office

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You will be surprised to know that India has the largest postal network of its own. By the way, the postal process is very old. But they have no official business nonetheless. the amount of post offices in Bharat is over the other country within the world, the Indian post workplace is going to be on the market {to each|to each}

7. Facts About Vegetarians

The number of vegetarians in Bharat is the highest within the world.

8. Facts About English

India has no national language, Hindi is that the official language that is spoken in many countries of the country. allow us to tell you that the language spoken in Hindi once Hindi in Bharat is English.

9. Facts About India Budget

Despite a scarcity of budget, Bharat is among the highest five countries within the program.

10. Facts About Mars Mission

Bharat is that the 1st country within the world to send a Rocket to Mars on its 1st try. Not solely that, our country was the primary to get water on the moon.

11. Facts About M.R.P

India is that the solely country within the world wherever it’s written M.R.P.

12. Facts About Kumbh Mela

Every 12 years, the Kumbh Mela is held in India, this fair is attended by countless people. Please tell that this number is so high, which can also be seen from space. This type of mob is not seen in any country other than India. Which is a unique thing in itself?

13. Facts About Kabbadi

Indian Kabaddi team announced

 You will not be aware that apart from cricket India also performs very well in Kabbadi. It is a matter of happiness that Kabbadi has a total of 6 World Cup matches, in which India has flown its glory. Which is a matter of great pride for India.

Facts About Indian Indoor Games

14. Today, India has discovered the famous game chess players all over the world. Not only this, games like Ludo and Snake-ladder have been invented in India itself.


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