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Facts About Virender Sehwag: Welcome, all of you on our site Today I’m telling you about ten amazing facts about Virender Sehwag. He became Multan ka Sultan/Nervous 90’s/test Centuries/fastest runs scorer in IPL/Sehwag’s record.

1:- Do you know how Virender Sehwag become “MULTAN KA SULTAN”?

This story is about Virender Sehwag’s career first triple century in test cricket. He scores 300 runs in 364 balls against Pakistan in Multan cricket ground. At that time, he was the only Indian player who scores the triple century in test cricket. After this inning, in Multan, all the fans and commentators call him “MULTAN KA SULTAN” In this inning, Virender Sehwag misses the fastest triple century record by just two balls. That time the fastest triple century record holder was Australian batsmen Mathew Hayden, he hits in 300 runs in 362 balls.

2:- Do you know Virender Sehwag was only a triple centurion player for India in last 70 years

In 70 years of Indian cricket history, none of the Indian players scores a single triple century in test cricket for Indian. Virender Sehwag was the only player who scores a triple century in test cricket for India. Virender Sehwag scored two triple century in just four years. Virender Sehwag was scored misses his third triple century by just seven runs against Sri Lanka.

3:-Virender Sehwag was the only player who scores 100 runs and converted in 150+ terms?

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When Virender Sehwag scores century (100), then he converts continuous 11 times (100) to (150+) score in his test career. 26/Dec/2003 to 31/July/2008, he scores the ongoing 11 test century, and surprisingly he converts all centuries in (150+) runs.

4:- Nervous 90’s for Virender Sehwag?

Nervous 90’s when a batsman score 90 runs and a player behind just 10 runs for his century. Many players were playing bad shots, and they miss their century. Virender Sehwag was the only one who victims nervous 90’s, 190’s, and 290’s.

5:- Do you know about the Virender Sehwag test centuries?

Virender Sehwag scores 23 centuries in his Test career. He is the only player who scores seven centuries at least 100 balls, and he scores most double centuries at least 200 shots. A total of five double centuries score at least 200 balls, and Virender Sehwag scored three triple century in 5 centuries. He scores double century in (168, 182, 194) balls. The other two batsmen (Brendon McCullum) and (Nathan Astle) scores double century at least 200 catches in test cricket.

6:- Do you Virender Sehwag was former Indian captain But you know about this?

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Do you know Virender Sehwag was playing for India as captain, but you don’t know Virender Sehwag’s highest individual scores were (219) runs in ODI cricket for India as captain? He scored 219 runs against West Indies in 2011. (219) Runs still the highest score by a captain in ODI cricket.

7:- Do you know Virender Sehwag was the fastest run-scorer in IPL?

We know Chris Gayle is a very great player in IPL and played with a reasonable strike rate, but you don’t know Virender Sehwag was the fastest player to complete (1000 and 2000) runs in IPL history. He ends 1000 runs in just 604 balls another hand Chris Gayle scores 1000 runs in 615 balls. Virender Sehwag completed 2000 terms in only 1211 shots, and Chris Gayle scores 2000 races in 1251 balls.

8:- Do you know Virender Sehwag was the highest scorer and team’s highest score?

For the Indian team’s highest total score, Virender Sehwag was the also most top runs to score in the same match. India’s highest total in a test match is 726 runs, and Sehwag scores for the same game were 293 runs. In ODIs highest total of 418 runs and Sehwag scores in the same match was 219 runs. In T20Is, the highest total was 218 runs, and Sehwag scored in the same match was 68 runs. Now the records are changes, but when Virender Sehwag played the record fever for him and the team.

9:- Virender Sehwag opens the innings with hitting fours in world cup 2011.

In 2011 world cup Virender Sehwag opened the inning by hitting boundaries. He was doing continuous five times in world cup 2011. He was the only player to do these difficult things at the world cup stage.

10:- Do you know Virender Sehwag record at no. 6 and no. Seven batting position?

Sehwag was the only player who scores a century in test cricket at no.6 batting position on the first innings of his career. Virender Sehwag was also scored the first-class century at no.7 on his first innings.

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