10 Most Interesting Facts About the World: Why are the roads always black?

1. Do you know why snakes bite? 2. Why are the roads always black? 3. Do you know about two mouth snake? 4. Do you know how to decide the name of (HP)? etc....

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Amazing Facts of 2019: Welcome, all of you on our site aamadi. In Today I’m telling you about ten amazing facts about, Why snakes bite/japan trains average delay time/roads are always black/two mouth of snake/fast food color is yellow/longest car.

1:- Do you know why snakes bite?

In 1986 an Indian person stayed with 72 snakes for 72 hours. Did you believe after 72 hours of stay in the room with 72 snakes, he came out safely without any harm? Snakes are on his body but not bitting. When you don’t move in front of snakes than snakes dose, not a bit. When you tease snakes, then they bitting, and snakes are very dangerous.

2:- Do you know Japan trains average delay time?

As you know, Japan is a very advanced technology. In India, we know our trains delayed for 1 to 2 hrs. The average delay of the Indian railway train is 1 to 1:30 hrs in a day. But in Japan, the average delay time is only just 18 seconds.

3:- Do you know how banana works for the brain?

Image Source Dailydot

Banana is an exceptional fruit. In the case of the brain, banana is also a unique fruit because of banana balances brain chemicals. If you feel unwell or if you feel angry because of the brain’s unbalanced chemical. It controls instantly by eating bananas.

4:- Why are the roads always black?

Roads made by ASPHALT material. You know about Asphalt, especially in games? Asphalt is a material that looks black. Roads made by concrete also, but Asphalt is eco-friendly and recyclable. If ten years old or 20 years old, the way will remake by the same Asphalt.

5:- Do you know about two mouth snake?

Two mouth snakes are ultra-rare, and their survival rate is also a very period of the time. Their body is one, but their mind is different, therefore when they eat food, then they fight each other, and they confuse that’s the way their life is two short.

6:- Do you know about the fastest healing part in our body?

Image Source GreenArea

The fastest healing part is tongue in our body. When you drink hot tea, and after that, your language is effect by the hotness of tea, then your tongue is normal in 24 to 48 hrs. On the other hand, if your hand is cut, then its average in 10 to 15 days.

7:- Do you know how to decide the name of (HP)?

Founder of (HP) company two men Hewlett-Packard. They toss between each other that who’s name first. On the toss, Hewlett win and then they decided to name the company as (HP).

8:- Do you know about generally fast food is in yellow?

In restaurants generally, fast food is in yellow. Yellow color stimulates hunger. The hunger part of our brain encourages the yellow color because, in restaurants, fast food is in yellow.

9:- Do you know about the horse’s speed?

Average vehicle speeds are 40-50 (km/h), and a sports bike speeds are 80-90 (km/h). If a horse is fully healthy and well prepared for running, then the maximum running speed of the horse is 70 (km/h), and this speed officially records.

10:- Do you know about the longest car?

In California, a car collector Jay Ohrberg. He made a record of the longest car in the world. That car is a massive Limousine. This is 1000 feet long and 26 wheels in the vehicle.

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