10 Incredible Facts about the World: Blue Volcano, jailed for one minute, More such facts that will surprise you

Incredible Facts about the universe | Facts About Alpaca Animal | Facts About Northern & Southern Hemisphere | BORORO (Group) | Kawah Ijen Volcano (Indonesia) | Facts About “Mark Zuckerberg” House | Shortest Jail Duration (joe munch) | Iceman (Sweden Man Peter Skyllberg) | Facts About Pizza Machine | Citarum River (Indonesia).

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Incredible Facts: Do you know? Hugh Jackman, who used to play Wolverine in movies, did not know that even in real life, Wolverine is just a name of an animal, he just knew that this is just a character of a film. Do you know? Jason Lewis has seen the corner of this world only by bike from 1994-2007 and it became the first person in the world to roam around this world with the help of his own money on his own. Do you know? Suppose there is a couple from India who is traveling in the airplane on the outskirts of America and then their child becomes an airplane, then that child technically gets American nationality.

1. Incredible Facts about the universe

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Due to the Astronomers of Australia, there are more stars in our universe than all the sand grains in this world. That means if all the sand grains are counted, then there are more stars in our universe than the number that will come.

2. Facts About Alpaca Animal

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There is an animal named Alpaca and it is such an animal that if it does not have another alpaca animal or there is no social interaction then it will die. Loneliness is its biggest weakness,

3. Facts About Northern & Southern Hemisphere

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There are 2 hemispheres of our earth northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. 90% of the world lives in Northern Hemisphere in May, only 10% of people live in Southern Hemisphere.

4. BORORO (Group)

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There is a group of people in Brazil and the name of this group is Bororo, The fact is that they all have an O+ blood group. It is a fact in itself.

5. Kawah Ijen Volcano (Indonesia)

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Kavah Ijen Volcano of Indonesia This is the only Volcano that is blue. This is because the amount of sulfur gas in it is much higher

6. Facts About “Mark Zuckerberg” House

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In the year 2013, Mark Zuckerberg planted 200 crore rupees and built four houses around his house, he did this to maintain privacy.

7. Shortest Jail Duration (joe munch)

Image Source Pune Mirror

If someone is imprisoned, then what is his duration? You must have heard about 1 year, 6 years, life imprisonment but ever heard that Does jail for even a minute. In the year 1906, A man named Joe munch was jailed for one minute.

8. Iceman (Sweden Man Peter Skyllberg)

Image Source The Telegraph

In the year 2012, a Sweden man named Peter Skelberg fell into a trench during a car accident and totally tied into the snow. And he stayed there for 2 months. Now you must be thinking that how can a person live in snow for months? He lived only after eating ice in that time period.

9. Facts About Pizza Machine

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There is a company called Lets Pizza in Italy and its vending machine is also available on the streets. You put money in the machine and 3 minutes may the pizza ready.

10. Citarum River (Indonesia)

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The Citarum River in Indonesia is also called the world’s most untamed river Most of its water is chemical only.


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